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Unleash the power of Bitcoin!

SVRN is a premium energy drink that not only fuels your drive but also fills your digital wallet with Bitcoin!

Our Beliefs

We believe in life, liberty property…
We believe in privacy & autonomy…
We believe in decentralization…
We believe in Bitcoin!

Our Purpose

Change the world for the better and make Bitcoin & Sovereignty easily accessible for everyone!

Our Product

We just happen to make energy drinks! Join us and let’s bring financial empowerment to 8 Billion People!
…one sip at a time!

There is no second best!

With its pioneering technology, scarcity, security, and decentralized nature, Bitcoin is the beacon of hope for those who understand and embrace it. That’s why we supercharge every SVRN Energy Drink with Bitcoin to support your journey to sovereignty.

Our Products

SVRN Energy - Orange Pill


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